We have a winner!!

The drawing happened early this morning (I did my best at lighting the pictures- not always an easy task), with much anticipation. I wish I had a sling to give to everyone (and one to keep for myself! I really like it!) There were 33 entries in the drawing- I was astounded at the response!

Anyway, the results are in, and the winner is... my cousin Dianah! (OK, so she's not my cousin, exactly, she's my husband's cousin's wife, but that relationship doesn't roll off the tongue as well.)

I'm excited for her! and maybe she'll let me borrow it sometime! In any case, it will definitely get use in the family. Thanks, everyone for entering! And, if you haven't yet, check out Beth's reasons for babywearing!


Dianah said...


THANK YOU! *laugh* Heather and I were talking about the sling just this past week! I am glad I was drawn, and when you are in need I will let you borrow it! :-)
It is much easier to just say cousin isn't it?? That is how I explain the myriad of Burresses.
*laugh* Anyways, no hurry to get it too me and by all means DO NOT send it in the mail. If anything I will get it from you at the next family function! (BTW if you don't already know is... Treyson's birthday is the 7th and his party is on Sunday the 9th at 1:30.)

See ya soon,


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Dianah :)


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