A Muncie Surprise

Last Saturday, I got away fro the evening and went up to Taylor to visit my dear friend Kristen. It was parents weekend, which means every Upland restaurant (all two of them) and popular Marion and Muncie restaurants would be full of parents treating their students to non-Dining-Commons food. Where could we go for dinner? My favorite out-of-the-way Muncie restaurant was just the ticket- White River Landing.

But! The excitement doesn't end there! We couldn't find a parking spot near the restaurant due to the event going on across the street! What event could happen in the fine metropolis of Muncie, IN? Those of you who have been to Muncie know that just about anything can happen there. Saturday night, however, we witnessed the opening of the first annual Muncie belly-dancing carnivale. What are the chances?

At times, I felt like I was on a piece of prime Las Vegas Real Estate rather than a parking lot in downtown Muncie, with the midriff-baring dancers and neon lights emanating from our restaurant of choice. Oh, and the neon lights emanating from the restaurant down the street, called The Fickle Peach. I couldn't help but get a picture of that name.

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