All the excitement!!

Just a really quick post here- I'm in a hotel with internet access, so I'll take advantage of it. Last time I posted, the plan was to camp for most of this week, then head to a wedding. Well, plans changed (Allergy season has begun, and surviving being outside 24/7 wasn't going to happen!), and a road-trip week was the replacement vacation. We've driven through, by my count, seven states this week- We've crossed the Mississippi River, the Mason-Dixon Line, and the Eastern Continental Divide (You'd think we'd need our Air Jordans on to cover that kind of ground! Alas, just my little Civic.) I look forward to sharing some of my pictures!

On top of the driving, Josh and I have had some quality time to talk and dream about the future. It has been exciting. A couple once-in-lifetime events are happening this week for friends and loved ones- a wedding is tomorrow, and a 50th birthday for an unnamed-to-not-give-away-her-age family member is today. I'll do my best to get back into the swing of things on Monday morning, but it will be hard to return to normality, after such a whirlwind week!

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