Words on Camping

I've had writer's block this week. It's frustrating. I usually love to write, and this week... nothing's coming.

So, we went camping last weekend. We got there Friday at about 4:30, and were glad that Ashley & Paul beat us there by about half an hour- the got the last 3 sites for our group. If they hadn't made it there, 16 people wouldn't have had a place to sleep Friday & Saturday. Anyway, we unpacked some of our stuff to the campsite- basically, we brought what we needed to sleep & make dinner with. Others showed up then left quickly, as they where headed to a wedding in Wheaton. We held down the camp with Brent & Sara & Ashley's dog. We enjoyed cooking over the fire & visiting with them. We saw three deer sneak through the woods near our campsite, including a fawn. It was surreal.

We went to bed before the wedding crowd came in, and got up earlier than everyone else to cook breakfast. The meal for 16 went surprisingly smoothly, considering the limited equipment & number of people to feed. I was pleased, anyway. Saturday for lunch we met even more friends at a picnic area and had a proper reunion celebration. There was cake involved.

After lunch, everyone headed to the Dunes for some beach-time. We went with Matt & Alisse to climb Mt Baldy. Some people played in the waves, others just relaxed.

After the Dunes adventure, we headed back to the campsite, to be joined later by the rest of the group. After dinner cooked over the fire, everyone just visited and caught up. Some of us were entertained by harvesting wild blueberries and feeding them to the two-year-old. It was a good time.

Sunday morning we packed up earlier than most and headed to South Bend to meet Josh's friend for lunch. After lunch, we tagged along to an art fair in St Joseph, Michigan, where we saw lots of fine art, and a carousel museum. There was a beach there, too.

And thus ends our weekend adventures. I'm still tired- I haven't recovered yet. But, oh, what fun the time with friends was!

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