Runaway Puppy

If I have any readers in Franklin, TN: If you see a beagle puppy that looks like this, her name is Jera and she's lost. Her mommy & daddy are from Atlanta, and are very distraught that she is gone. I'm her friend, and I am distraught as well. I just made her acquaintance this weekend, as I had the opportunity to babysit her a few times and camp here in Indiana while her mommy & daddy were visiting. Apparently she got away while they were traveling, and is probably currently a very scared little girl-puppy in a strange place.

Seriously, if you do by chance live in the area and come across a small beagle, let me know. Comment here, or let Ashley know. This is her baby we're talking about.

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ashley@twentysixcats said...

That is such a great picture. I hope we find her too. Thanks for posting this... It meant a lot to me!


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