Make It From Scratch #17

I'm so excited everyone's joining me here at keeping feet today! It's a party! And this is being posted in the morning, so we'll call it a brunch party!
What are the guests bringing?

INNside Innkeeping from Montana shows up early with every kind of french toast you can imagine. I never thought to put cheese in french toast- what an interesting idea!

Amy brings to the brunch some fancy coffee- iced peppermint mochas for everyone! I'm glad she figured out how we can make them at home- helping us take the 'latte-factor' out of our budget!

Stephanie shares with us some cranberry nut bread. This is perfect for morning munching- it looks delicious!

Suzanne has cheese and strawberries to share- and reveals to us she made the cheese herself! We're all amazed that it is so simple.

Devildogwife brings along fun summer-y lunch food- summer wraps. I'm glad she shared how to make them, because I definitely want to try them myself!

Robin brings to the table some piping-hot potato wedges. I love making these- they're one of my favorite easy side dishes. Everyone else enjoys munching on them.

I thought ahead and saw that there was going to be lots of people at this party and made macaroni and cheese for a crowd. There will be plenty to go around!

Dawn contributes some very fun food- pizza muffins! These classic "personal pans" are always a hit.

As the morning wears on, the party moves to the patio, and the day starts to get hot. Heather shows us her strategy for keeping cool- a fashionable neck cooler. We now all want one for ourselves!

Speaking of 'fashionable', all the ladies ooh and aah over Leah's necklace, a Knot Pendant. She makes it sound like making it is so easy, and gives us some profound reflections on the design.

Outside, Karen fires up the grill and shares with us her favorite grill recipes. I never thought to put cabbage on the grill!

While chatting, Becca tells us about an ambitious project she just started. She's making 2 quilts entirely out of "yo-yo's". See how she's doing it.

At the end of the party, everyone will want to take a doggy bag away with samples of all the delicious treats! HowToMe came prepared with her plastic-bag dispenser, and even shows us how to sew our own!

Cindy very kindly helps do the dishes after the crowd has left. She made her own pot scrubbers for the job- out of plastic bags! I was thankful for the help, and glad she had a scrubber I could use on my non-stick pots.

The Prince of Thrift also stays after to help clean up and shows me how to make my own (Febreeze) Fabric Freshener! With their help, the house was sparkling- and smelled nice!

Wanna join the party next week? Submit your post by the end of Sunday, telling us what YOU made from scratch this week! Next week, the event will be back at Stop the Ride!- see you there!


Becca said...

Wow, Joanna. Either I'm really hungry or there are some awesome food entries today. You make it all sound sooooo good!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful hosting job! Thanks so much. I love the story!

Stephanie said...

I decided to declare a theme for next week's edition - From the Herb Garden. It is optional,of course.I'm putting up some details at Stop the Ride!

devildogwife said...

Great job hosting. I love format you used. Now, I'm hungry... ;)

Amy said...

Thank you so much! Great job hosting! I appreciate it!

Leah said...

Reading about all the food is making me hungry! Great job hosting!

:: Suzanne :: said...

Thx for all your time and work summarizing the carnival. It's great.

Cindy said...

Thank you for hosting such a fun and very useful carnival. Great stuff from everyone. It's always so much fun to see all the entries.

Lisa Knight said...

Great job hosting, I can't wit to try some of these!


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