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You may have noticed I've not been blogging as often or as thoughtfully lately as I had been... I've been distracted. Less than two weeks ago, a friend of Josh's family passed away, and we went to the funeral. Josh was a pall bearer and ran sound for the event. Well, Wednesday, Josh's grandmother in Wisconsin passed away. This has been an even harder hit. We'll be traveling to Wisconsin this weekend for the viewing, funeral, and burial. Josh has been asked to sing Ave, Maria for the service. This will be a hard weekend to get through. I'll do a more proper reflections post of the amazing woman later. I could do it now, but I first want to hear the remembrances of the people who have known her many times longer than I had.

In the meantime, things to think about:
  • A view on weddings - This time last year, I was a month away from my wedding, and my sister is currently starting this wedding-planning process, so the article hit home.

  • There was a discussion on church at Ashley's blog- here's another few posts on church that I appreciate from my favorite Indy Star blogger, who is involved in another emerging church in the Indianapolis area.

  • What is feminine? is the question posed by the women's leadership blog at Christianity Today. Is it all bows and teacups and pink-ness? Must it be craftiness and housework? Must every woman be gifted in teaching children? Must every Christian woman resign to wearing skirts? What defines the modern 'feminine'?

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