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While at Taylor, I'd go home for breaks and weekends, but, when driving back from campus, getting off I-69, heading east then north on St Rd 26 , then 22, the drive was so familiar. I can still replay the whole stretch in my head. The culmination of the commute, though, was the entrance of Taylor coming into site. My heart leapt. This was the familiar, peaceful place- home, for four years- with friends and mentors and beauty and fun. I always liked that drive.

So what has become of the Taylor sign? Well, this one in the picture is from the north entrance rather than the south, where I would drive from, but it's still somewhat disturbing to see it in two pieces, cracked like the Stone Table. Apparently, it's being replaced. For those of you who come from the north, you will have a different face to campus greet you next time you show up. Hopefully your heart will still leap.

In other news, Taylor made the Indianapolis Star with a story of plans for a new prayer chapel as remembrance for the crash victims one year ago. It will seat 75, which is probably the same size as the existing prayer chapel, which is probably the most beautiful and quiet place on all of campus to retreat, reflect, and pray (except for, perhaps, the woods by the lake.) (picture of Josh & I at the prayer chapel). The existing chapel is also probably the most ignored room on campus, accessed via a seeming 'back door' of an administrative building. This fact made it all the more secret and seclusive.

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