Links o' the day

Google Reader's ability to change the labels on items seems to be broken so, until it's fixed, no new Geeky, Frugal, or News stories will appear on the sidebar. So sorry.

Here's some interesting sites I want to share anyway:
  • The Webby Awards were announced, and I went & perused some of the winners. There are some very high-quality sites out there, for sure. Indiana University won an award, which was nice to see the Hoosier state representin'. (I can't believe I just said that.) A personal site that I had never seen before, but was gorgeous is Jonathan Yuen's front page. Very cool. A more meanigful presentation is a site from the Netherlands, titled i spy with my little eye. It's a beautiful, compelling presentation of very real social issues facing their country- and ours. Go through the whole thing, seriously.

  • The above web designers must work in rooms with tall ceilings. A story via Lifehacker talks about how people are more creative in rooms with high ceilings, and tend to focus on details in lower-ceiling rooms. Random fact to ponder today.

  • The falcons are back! I've been watching them for about the last month, and the little eggs hatched last week, so this is the part where things get interesting! There are 4 chicks this year, and you can watch a webcam of their antics on the Indy Star site.


Ashley said...

That's funny, because before coming to your blog I actually had perused the Webby Awards too. :-) I really appreciated the "i spy with my little eye" site...

Interesting fact about the tall ceilings. I've never thought about it before... I think in our new office building we're going to have tall ceilings. Hooray!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness!! I love this Jonathan kid's web page. Amazing. And a big distractor at 12:45 in the morning as I work on ISD. I'll have to check out the other one after ISD is done.


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