Cameraphone captures of recent history

Very random statue at the Indianapolis Flower & Garden Show, Holliday Park

I love bragging about my nephews. Josh does what uncles do best: wrestling with them. Here's he's in a suit, and that still doesn't stop him from getting down on the floor.

Don't know if you can read this. It's a very poor translation. "Give flower. Just think how happy friend will be when you give your flower"

This is why I love having my cameraphone- to capture pictures like this. It's actually a great moment, and a great picture, just happens to be a low-quality lens. My friend works for a family & takes care of their horses & other animals. This is the barn cat.

It was a huge cat.

I've been walking/bike riding to and from work a lot lately. Here's some of the sights: baby geese.

And a baby goose who didn't make it.

More babies!

And, to end, a framed piece of art at church that caught my eye.

Dear God, please help us Look. Amen.

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