Five Die in Indiana Car Crash from Same Community

This could have been teh headline a year ago. This could be the headline today.

A year ago today, five people died in an Indiana car crash, all in the same van, caused by a errant semi truck. These five people were all from the same community- my community, at the end of my senior year at Taylor. The tight-knit campus and town was hit hard, but pulled through. Remembrance services are scheduled throughout this week.

You might understand me being shaken up, then, as I just read another news article in the Indianapolis Star. There was a car crash this morning in northern Indiana. It was caused by an errant semi truck. Eight people were killed- five in the same van, from the same tight-knit Amish community. Their driver survived.

We know what the community will go through, to an extent. From the article:
About 14,000 Amish live in western LaGrange and eastern Elkhart counties, Nolt said.

Yoder said the deaths would hit the Amish hard because they are so community-oriented.

“But they will accept it as being God’s will,” he said. “You don’t question God.”
Taylor is undeniably community-oriented, and in the aftermath, we may have questioned God, but we've seen the unexpected miracles he's brought since then, and seen God's will in it all, as heart-wrenching as it has been. We can pray that the loved ones and community of this van-full will also be able to come through the tragedy together.

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