Because I haven't shared in a while...


Pictures of my favorite small family members (and some others), from Easter and before, when it was warm.


Ashley said...

We have that same "Wipe Your Paws" doormat. :-)

And I saw WAY too many girls in those pictures!! Were they all Burresses?? :-)

Joanna said...

There were 4 girls in the pictures- only one of them much over a year old. Unfortunately, only one of the girls is from Indiana (the others have been visiting for various occasions lately), so she's the one that's sorely outnumbered by all her boy cousins- and three older brothers!

There could have been more pictures of boys, but the boys are getting older, and are much harder to catch sitting still, to get a picture. They tend to run in circles and wrestle with each other, which on my camera, shows up as a blur.


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