Spring weekend

What a wonderful weekend.
Friday, I got the see Caroline, who was talking a mile a minute about wedding-planning thoughts. It was fun. The rest of the evening was lazy, which was also nice.
Saturday, I cooked the aforementioned breakfast- a fabulous start to the day- and then we went to help my parents move from their house to an apartment while they wait for their new house to finish being built. They'll be cozy for the next month in their 1-bedroom apartment, coming from a 5-bedroom house, but it's only for a month. They'll survive. And their new house will feel that much more spacious! They took us to lunch, then we got to go see the inside of the new house for the first time. It will be neat when it's done.
Saturday night we went to Sojourn, and the service really impacted me. I don't feel like I'm totally done processing it, so I'll expand on my thoughts later.

Sunday was delightful. I woke up earlier than Josh, as usual, and went on a walk. Josh asked me where I was going, and I said I was just going to stay in the apartment complex. I circled the walking path in the adjoining apartment complex, walked to the end of our complex, saw that there was a road with nice sidewalks at the end, and just kept walking. I walked all the way to the center of Carmel, where I discovered there's a veterans memorial. The whole walk, I was taking pictures of signs of spring, including the picture on my new banner, which I made before work this morning. It was so nice to be outside before it got too hot out (a record 81 degrees yesterday!).

The afternoon was reserved for celebrating Josh's mom's birthday. We ate pizza and visited with family and played with nephews. Again, it was delightful and relaxing. The last thing we did yesterday was drive to Edinburgh to meet a buyer for one of our laptops. We decided we really don't use two laptops, so we sold our two to buy one we really like, and should last us a while. Both sold on craigslist this week. On the getting-rid-of-stuff front, I'm delivering a spare cell phone & chargers we have lying around to someone who needs them more than we do, and I'm posting our George Foreman grill on Freecycle today (If anyone wants it, shoot me an email). We use it all the time, but we found a bigger one at Goodwill for $6. Now we can cook both our meals at the same time. Progress, I know.

This week will be busy- hopefully a good-busy, but we'll see. Small group is tonight- I'm glad of that; we missed last week while we were still recovering from being sick. Josh is going to dinner with a group from choir Wednesday, and I'll be in Michigan on Friday and Saturday. Next Sunday, along with being Palm Sunday, is the first Sunday of the month, which means we're cooking a serves-20 casserole and going to the downtown church to serve dinner. Anyone want to come along?

EDIT: The other thing that made me happy and excited this weekend: The vegetables & herbs I planted in pots on my balcony have begun to sprout! I haven't killed them yet! Perhaps my experiment will work out. I'll keep you posted.

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