Spring fever

I've disappeared from blogging for the last few days, which is unusual for me of late. Nothing current-event-wise has struck me as post-worthy, I suppose. I've had a really good week. Since Monday, I've felt better. My voice is finally back. We spent some time outside earlier this week. I've started AND finished a small knitting project. I went on a cleaning spree last night and was very proud of myself. I have more to do, but I made a good start. I have momentum.

The highlight of the week was on the first day of spring. It was a proper start to spring, and was BEAUTIFUL outside. The Canada geese are pairing up around our office park, chasing one another off prime nesting sites. I'm hoping they don't decide to nest in front of our office door. It will make getting to work treacherous. I walked to work and practically skipped home on the 21st. It was warm. The wind was blowing my hair every which way, but I didn't care, because I was soaking in the fact that the wind was blowing without a wind-chill factor.

I love spring. There is so much HOPE in spring.


mrs.burke said...

If the geese DO nest there, you can always count on Goose Wranglers, LLC. I have reason to believe they've been in that area before. ;-)

Ashley said...

I TOTALLY agree about the feeling of spring!!! :-) It's been so warm here (high 70's) that I've been taking long walks on my lunch break and after work. (Read: great exercise!) I have discovered that my new office is only a 15 minute walk from my apartment, so I am excited to walk there instead of drive! We move in June, so hopefully it doesn't get too hot by then...

Of course, spring in Atlanta is probably not as dramatic since we have fairly warm winters, but I still love the warm breeze, the beautiful trees, etc.

Matt Wissman said...

I've been enjoying the warm weather too!

You mean Canadian Geese, right ;).

Joanna said...

NO... Canada goose, thank-you-very-much.

Wikipedia knows everything.


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