Good news

Good News #1: The Indianapolis Colts beat the Patriots today at the first and last AFC championship in the RCA Dome. Indianapolis will now spend the next two weeks in Super Bowl frenzy. Honestly, it was a super game with a great ending. My favorite quote after the game: "The Colts only led for one minute of the 60 game minutes" (My thought: That minute that they led just happened to be the last one!)
I think that it is cool that not only will this Super Bowl be the first with an African American coach, but that both coaches are African American. I also think it's cool that the teams (The Bears & Colts) are from cities just two hours apart.
Matt beat me posting this one.

Good News #2 I've known for a few weeks, but was officially announced on the Petersons' blog tonight.
Ashley beat me posting this one.

Perhaps this is all old news, I'm slow on the Publish button.

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