Accomplishments this week

These are all little things, but I was pretty excited. First, my friend Lindsey came over for dinner Thursday. I made chicken tetrazzini for the occasion, Josh contributed garlic-cheese biscuits, and we had birthday cake for dessert. Delightful.

I (finally) finished the scarf-turned-purse that I've been working on for seemingly forever (By 'finished' I mean I'm done with the knitting, but haven't added a lining or zipper.) I was glad that this finally freed me up to try a quicker project, which I did this weekend. I used the leftover yarn from the purse to create a little bookmark, then tackled gloves. I finished one glove this weekend and will finish the other this week.
Cooking adventures this weekend included tacos, a big breakfast, and, my personal favorite, cheesy potato soup.

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