Weekend project

We have been talking about painting our apartment practically since we moved in. The white walls are too stark and cold for our liking. At some point, we got some painting supplies and leftover paint samples from my parents, who seem to repaint rooms of their house every-other year.

Well, last weekend we finally moved on all our talk and spent the better part of Sunday buying paint, moving furniture, taping the edges of everything, and painting a wall in our living room & breakfast room yellow. I was very pleased with the results. We didn't have the time or energy to do the bedroom this week, so we planned to paint it the green color we had chosen on Saturday (yesterday). I unexpectedly had to go into work for most of the day, so Josh was left to get things done around the house without me. I came home, and, to my surprise, the bedroom had been painted and reassembled in my absence! I was very proud of my husband, and am delighted with the color. Now our apartment looks that much more like a home.

Check out the progress and finished product!


Ashley said...

Oooh fun! It looks really nice! :-) I hope to paint our next apartment. I didn't know you could paint an apartment, until several people told me otherwise. I'd like to get artistic with accent walls and such. :-)

beth said...

Our apartment has a program where they'll paint one of our walls for us, for free! Of course, we've never taken them up on that. That might have been because we thought we were moving to Alabama. But now we're pretty sure we're not and all the pictures are already up and... yeah, white walls for another two years. Oh well. Good thing we're not artistic or it would drive us mad.

beth said...

Oh, and I forgot to say:
Your walls look great! I *love* the color in the bedroom. Gorgeous!

annie b said...

good job! I especially like the bedroom color! mom b


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