A Roof Over Our Heads

I started this post a while back and never got around to fleshing it out and publishing it... so here it is, with articles a few weeks old.

When we were job hunting preparing to graduate and get married, we were looking at places to live all over the country- and not Indiana. Nothing against this state, we just saw more opportunities elsewhere, or so we thought. Well, we're back here in Hamilton County in our cozy apartment (now newly painted on the inside! And in progress on the outside!) and hoping to settle somewhere in a house of our own in a couple years.
When we start researching houses, however, it seems to be a blessing we live in the Indianapolis area. A recent CNN article highlights the growing housing prices, saying more and more renters are spending more than half of their income to pay the rent. We're luckily not doing that, and we're even being able to save a good percentage of what we make, thanks to low housing prices.
Home prices, too, are affordable in the area. Actually, Indianapolis is the least-expensive large city to buy a house in nationally, when evaluated as "percentage of houses sold affordable to someone with the median income." Check out the whole list. That encourages me, knowing that we'll be able to get a nice house and not be dragged down by an unreasonable mortgage We've talked a lot about it, and I'm excited to end up in a home, but we want to go about buying a house as responsibly as possible, saving for a down payment in the midst of saving for other things. Ashley says she gets a puppy when she moves into the townhome, I'm being told I have to wait till we have a house with a yard :)

Check out how your city compares. Also check out today's post on Lifehacker about house-shopping.

Gotta go! Bible study time!

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Ashley said...

Ah yes, home shopping! Paul and I have talked about that. We briefly tossed around the idea of getting a house now instead of renting another apartment, but then we decided it was just too soon, what with the new job and the new marriage, etc. We also aren't sure what area of Atlanta we'd like to eventually settle down in; I'm hoping to move back to northwest suburbs if possible. We'll see. :-) That's exciting about Indy housing markets! Although it doesn't surprise me. It seems that the average price of houses in Atlanta is almost twice as that in Indianapolis! Maybe I'll move up north. ;-)

Paul and I have talked about buy a townhouse first, and then getting a house house once our family grows bigger. We've always said that we don't want to spend more on rent than we would on a mortgage. We're probably close to doing that now with this new apartment, which is why we'll only stay here for a year or two. It all depends where God has us when it comes time to renew our lease! :-)

I'm glad that you and Josh are looking at the future wisely, and saving your money! What a great feeling it will be when you are able to put a significant down payment on a piece of land all for your own! You'll reap the rewards when the time comes. :-) Like when you get the little puppy!!

(I had to wait for a yard too, which is why the townhouse is good! But a big reason for us is because I didn't want a puppy and small children at the same time, so we're getting the dog now in anticipation for a family later.)


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