An Ordinary Day's Surprise

Thursday was an ordinary day, as most Thursdays are. I went to work and got a moderate amount of stuff done, went out to lunch with my mom, back to work, and then home for the day. As I climbed in my car, I found a single rose over my steering wheel. No note, just the flower. It made my day. Actually, I think it has made my three-or-four days, because I still keep mentioning it and grinning about it. This simple gift of beauty from my very special husband has delighted my heart and made me more excited to serve him, knowing I'm loved. It's funny how in something so small as a gift of a flower, I can see big thought behind it, and that can inspire me so much.


beth said...

Oooooh, that is so romantic! Yay, Josh! Big points!

Larissa said...

I'm just now getting around to reading other people's posts that were made during the month I was so busy, so sorry about the delayed comment. :)

First, I agree with Beth. Big points! :) Second, isn't it fun to call your spouse "husband." :) Not to state the obvious or anything, but you have a husband! For the longest time after Daniel and I got married, I would grin, look lovingly at him, and excitedly say, "Your my husband!" He would reply with, "Your my wife!" Such a cool concept ...


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