Popeye is sad

Can you hear the cheers coming from elementary schools? No More Spinach! they exclaim happily.

Personally, I like cooked spinach but not raw spinach leaves. I was eating at Bub's Saturday, ordered a salad, and much to my dismay there were dark, non-Romaine lettuce leaves along wit the recognizable Iceberg lettuce. I avoided them as much as possible (because I didn't like them anyway) and I didn't get sick.

Sunday we ate at CiCi's and a lady asked if they were going to make any spinach and cheese pizzas for the buffet (one of my favorites) only to get the response "We don't have any spinach in the building." I think she felt silly for asking, once she realized the situation.

More exciting things besides Encountering Spinach happened this weekend. I'll get to those later.


Ashley said...

I'm with you on the spinach - I like cooked spinach, especially in a tuna casserole! But I'm not a big fan of raw spinach. I, too, carefully pull it out of my salads. :-)

beth said...

Ohh, I love baby spinach salads! Especially because I know I'm getting the calcium my body needs and the magnesium to absorb and use it!

Popeye wouldn't be sad, though. He always ate canned spinach - isn't that cooked? It always looked so wrinkly and gross...


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