The long weekend

It's been a great weekend.

Friday was fun. When we got home from work, Josh did the cooking, and was determined to try a recipe described by one of his coworkers as Amazing. Her last day at the bank was Saturday, so we HAD to try it Friday night so he could report back to her the results. Well, turns out she was right and the chicken was delicious (The recipe was, marinate the chicken in Ken's Steak House Zesty Italian dressing, grill the chicken, then sprinkle red pepper and feta cheese on it. Josh requested we take a picture this time. Although this Friday night was somewhat less social than the previous few, we had a great time. Josh assembled a new filing cabinet we got. We played dominoes.

Saturday morning, Josh had to work. We went to breakfast at Le Peep- "The Next Best Thing to Breakfast in Bed is Le Peep". I ran errands all morning till Josh was off, one of which was (finally) getting a (long-overdue) haircut. Not wanting to end up with too-short hair like Ashley said she did, I was conservative when I described what I wanted, but I still got 5 inches cut off. I like it (though perhaps not this picture). Saturday night, we went to Sojourn and met up with a couple from our small group, who invited us over to their house for a bonfire. It was a really delightful time, making a fire and making smores and seeing their house and garden. Good company.

Sunday was nice and lazy, a far cry from the day 3 months before, which was not so much 'lazy'. We decided to celebrate our 3 month anniversary by doing really cool things like walking around the mall, going to see Lassie, and going to Champps for dinner. While walking around the mall, we went into The Discovery Channel Store (I'm a sucker for science toys & gadgets) and they were giving out "I <3 Pluto" buttons, referring to the demotion of Pluto, and the subsequent protests. I guess I'm now a small part of that protest... Anyway, we headed to the arts theater in the mall (As far as I can tell, Lassie isn't showing in mainstream theaters. I can't imagine why.) to see the movie. I had heard about it via a review in Slate, and, being the dog lover that I am, was very excited to see it. I wasn't disappointed. The reviewer said she about cried twice, as did both Josh and I. Great movie. We had dinner then came home and played online Boggle with the aforementioned couple from our small group. Hooray.

Today we have friends coming over for dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to give yoga a try at the church.

Other things of interest in the news:
--Our apartment complex is sold and getting renovated. Yay. The previous owner is tearing down another of their older complexes, and building in its place 1800's-Manhattan-style apartments. Ours didn't fall to that fate, at least. I'm looking forward to the painting and improvements here. The outside can start to look as nice as the inside.

--Steve Irwin, the 'Crocodile Hunter', was killed by a sting ray today. As a young animal lover, I was always entertained by his antics, though I preferred the quieter, more serious documentary-style shows. I appreciated what he did to bring to light some conservation issues. It's sad. The freak thing is, sting rays don't kill people, typically. A sting just about anywhere else on his body, and he would have been OK, but this one got scared, whipped his tail up, and the spine on the end went straight into Irwin's heart, putting the poison in exactly the wrong place. the official statement is at www.crocodilehunter.com

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Ashley said...

That last thing about Steve Irwin made me cry. :-( Our family was a big fan of him and his show, and it's like losing a friend. As the article said, he seemed invincible. :-(


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