Good Design

I whipped out my teapot and I made a whole pot of loose-leaf jasmine tea at work today. It was wonderful. I would have taken a picture of the tea in the glass mug and glass teapot, except my phone battery is low and the camera refuses to turn on.

The tagline of the company that makes my teapot is "Give Up Bad Design for Good", which reminds me of my Human Computer Interaction class and the book we had to read about good design in all things (not just computer programs). That book had a coffee pot on the cover. I suppose it could have been a teapot. (By the way, I don't normally suggest textbooks as good reading, but The Design of Everyday Things by Donald Norman was thought-provoking and makes you look at everyday products in a different way. It's worth picking up. The book was quoted recently by a Google engineer talking about design decisions for Blogger. I thought that was cool.)

In other news, my pitas disappeared from the fridge this morning. I suppose I haven't looked for them since Wednesday, but I looked all over the kitchen and couldn't find them. I know I had at least a couple left... It was disappointing. Oh! and I am looking forward to a game of Apples to Apples with coworkers over lunch today.


beth said...

I've got some loose leaf tea that I should make. I just found out that I can have up to 3 cups of coffee a day and not affect the baby! Yippee! Not that I drink that much coffee. But I sure was missing my tea, especially now that it's getting cooler out. Yum...
Maybe your pitas got moldy. We bought some once and I remember how disappointed I was at how quickly they got moldy.

Ashley said...

I like this post! Hooray for design. And Apples to Apples! :-)

I had some cream cheese disappear from my fridge at work once. I was really mad about that.


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