Back to school

Not me, I'm not going back to school in the fall, and I'm OK with that. Another girl will be there, as improbable as it might be.

I, for one, have been following Whitney's progress on her family's blog every day or every-other day. Well, I hadn't checked it yesterday, and I checked the Indy Star first, only to find that the reporters had beat me to it. According to their story, Whitney will be back to Taylor in the fall. Even CNN picked up on it.

This is joyous. I won't be back with to school with my classmates, but a classmate who was mourned as dead will be back. It's amazing.

Oh, and, in other news, the Indiana legislature is taking action taken from the Taylor crash mix-up to hopefully prevent this from happening again... give the coroners (an elected position) formal training.

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Ashley said...

I read that too on her blog and I think that's great. Do you know if her sister is going back to Taylor in the fall, or did she graduate?


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