Adventures in real life

Once upon a time there was this girl who blogged. But then she got married and started a job and set up a home and felt pulled in lots of directions, primarily away from the computer, except at work, and didn't blog anymore. She's trying, promise.

I have to go to work in 10 minutes.

Run-down of the last 2 weeks or so:
I went out to lunch with my friend Lindsey and saw the amazing apartment she lives in and property she helps take care of. She takes care of 3 horses (her specialty), 3 large dogs, and a goat, as well as the landscaping on the property. VERY pretty.

I went to dinner with my friend Katelynn and we caught up. That was happy. She doesn't get on the computer ever, so we went to Panera and I showed her wedding pictures.

Fourth of July was a blast. We went to my parents' for lunch and had a delicious time full of good conversation. We then walked around Carmelfest, then went to Lebanon, where we went to my brother- & sister-in-law's house, where there were lots of people. Josh and I discussed it afterwards and we THINK they were all related, but it was a stretch. Fun times. We left there relatively early and headed home. We contemplated watching fireworks, but I decided I was an old fogey and need to be in bed by 10:30, and the fireworks weren't starting till 10. Stupid Daylight Savings Time.

Last weekend we went CAMPING. Amazingly wonderful. The weather was perfect, the park was perfect, nothing went wrong. Well, we forgot a couple things, like pillows, and I forgot to load my camera with film, but besides that, it was great. I had fun being creative cooking with a campfire and Coleman stove.

Monday we went to Barnes and Noble and I reminded myself why I shouldn't go to bookstores. I saw good books I wanted to read left and right, even though I haven't been reading much at all lately (see above). I was good and didn't buy anything. Josh bought a Dave Ramsey book that will give us financial direction, now that we'll have 2 salaries.

Last night we went to Upland to drop some stuff off with Cindy & Ducky. They're getting married Saturday! They looked so excited and happy. I was glad to see them. I suppose I'll see them again in a couple days. On our way there, we saw a sign for a Pow-Wow going on in Gaston Saturday & Sunday. I thought that might be a fun adventure and begged Josh to let us go after the wedding.

After our trip to Upland, we swung by Muncie & had dinner with Matt. We (as usual) stayed and talked too long. We were all really surprised when we were at the restaurant and looked at our watches at 8:35. Of course we got back to Matt's apartment and sat in the car and talked for a while longer.

Now I should go to work five minutes ago.

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