Sorry, I've been neglecting my poor little blog for so long. I was out of town for a bit, so I'll use that as an excuse. Here are some highlights from the last few weeks:

  • Finished my senior capstone project. I'm pretty proud of it actually. The project wasn't terribly complex, but the sheer amount of work I got done over the month by working diligently was encouraging.

  • Took senior oral exams. This was nerve-wracking. I left the session feeling like I had answered many of the questions pretty weakly, not nearly to the level that the professors were looking for. I was hoping I'd pass and do OK. Apparently I did do OK- I found out yesterday I was one of only 3 seniors to get a Superior rating on my orals and capstone project. That was very surprising.

  • Wedding-planned. Due to the fact that my wedding is closing in fast (yay!), the wedding-planning-intensity has ramped up. My parents are getting more and more into it- my mom's being crafty and my dad's in project-management mode. I'm glad. It's fun to see them excited too.

  • Senior Computer Science/Physics retreat. This happened last week, Monday through Thursday. It consisted of lots of social time, late nights, and interesting discussions. I cooked 7 dozen cookies to share with everyone on the trip, put them on the snack table the first night, and they were gone in under 2 hours.

  • Josh's birthday. Last weekend, Josh's family & his brother's family came to Muncie to celebrate his birthday. Although we didn't have the same excitement we had on his last birthday (we'll never have THAT again), it was a delightful day. I had spent (what felt like) all day Friday cooking Josh a cake, something I had never done before and was pretty nervous it wasn't going to turn out right. I made the icing and everything. In the end, the reviews from the brave taste-testers were favorable.

  • The semester started. This happened a day later than I had thought it would, however. I felt pretty silly on Monday, going into work early so I could get my schedule figured out before my first class, only to be IM'ed by Melissa saying she discovered there was no class... yeah, I felt pretty silly. To make up for it, I had a very relaxing day including a long nap and watching 4 episodes of a newfound TV series Firefly (which I picked up at Best Buy after watching 4 episodes on the retreat)

  • Next weekend, I'm attending the Indiana Women in Computing conference. I'm excited about it. There's just me and another lady from Taylor going, but there's going to be over 120 women from various Indiana universities there during the short retreat. I expect to enjoy meeting them and hearing their stories. Also, there's a mini-job fair Saturday afternoon including Microsoft, Google, and Lilly- three very good companies. We'll see how things go.

I'm sure other exciting things have happened that I have failed to mention. Maybe they'll come up later. Maybe they won't. Such is blogging.

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