My Jterm Story

Hey kids! This is the part of the show* where, the day after my birthday, I work like crazy on the same project for two weeks straight, only to be rewarded by oral exams over every class I've ever taken the day after my programming project is due. As a bonus, I get to give a half-hour presentation over everyone's favorite class Discrete Math next week.
I'm two days into the project, and I'm already exhausted. The glimmer of light that will keep me going the rest of this week is the promise on Saturday of the fanciest night out I've ever been to, courtesy of my beloved fiance.
What will get me through next week is the intense desire to be done with it all.

On the upside, after my oral exams, I'll have almost 5 days off with nothing to do. Then I get to hang out with a bunch of computer science and physics majors in Michigan for a few days, then I get another 4 days off. All in all, I'll probably survive, but probably NOT blog much. Sorry 'bout that.

* By 'the show', the text means 'my educational career'

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