The countdown begins

Well, actually, the countdown began months ago, but I feel like the countdown can OFFICIALLY begin today, now that I have less than 200 days to count.
Maybe I'm just being silly.
June 3rd 2006. Put it on your calendar if its not already there.

Right now I'm drinking a chai and enjoying being warm inside, as it has been cold and rainy and stormy all day. I had the same experience yesterday, eating a very late dinner of hot tomato soup. It's nice to feel all warm & cozy on the inside when you can hear the wind outside.

Today I gave a presentation over this journal article about the effect of online communities on individuals on Saudi Arabia. It was fascinating to read about the good and bad effects in a collectivistic society- one with different underlying assumptions about personality, relationships, and family than we have in the West.

I just got off the phone with Kristen and we did much-need catching up. It was happy.

Tomorrow I've got a field trip to Fry's Electronics and the Apple Store. Yay for gadgets.

I'm driving myself to the field trip destinations, then staying home Thursday morning to (hopefully) pick out a wedding cake. Thursday afternoon is the second get-togther of a Women in Technology group. I like the luncheons where I can interact with women who are also into computer-y things. It makes me feel less weird, and encourages me, letting me know, these women made it, so can I.

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