Gerig Wins Again!

So, last week I had this conversation:

Melissa: Are you going to Airband?
Me: Well, I don't know. Josh can't go, and I didn't go last year, and I could get a lot done in the dungeon while everyone is there...
Melissa: No. That wasn't a question. You're going to Airband. Kristen's sitting with us. Do you want me to get you a ticket?
Me: Oh. Um. OK, I guess.

And therefore, I went to my third Airband. Now, it was only the second that I had watched from the audience- my freshman year, I participated in Gerig's show, and we came out first place. The year before my freshman year was the first year Gerig had put together a show in TEN years, and they won that year too. But I digress.
Melissa & I ended up further back in line than we should have, and ended up sitting on the balcony, which ended up being OK. Gerig's was the second show, and I was oh so proud of them. Their choreography was simple but precise, the set was appropriate, the costumes were AWESOME. The crowd was almost participating they liked it so much. I was all-around impressed. The other stand-out shows (which also ended in the top 3) was a Wengatz group doing an Aladdin song and the seniors doing a Disney medley. When it came down to it, though, Gerig won. Melissa and I, sitting on the balcony, cheered our heads off, while the rest of the cheering section was on the other side on the ground level. It was so much fun, just like my freshman year when we were so estatic about winning. Trivia: Only 1 person participated in both this show and Gerig's last first-place finish. Can you name her?

So, here's my theory, let me know what you think: The stereotype of Gerig is "they study all the time". I'll grant some truth to that- many in Gerig are more science-minded, and many tend to be perfectionists. My thought is, in the last 15 years, Gerig has put a show together only 4 times, and won 3 of them. Gerigians decide, if they're going to do something, it's going to be done right and it's going to be done completely. When I was a part of the show freshmen year, we did go about it somewhat scientifically: we considered the criteria (Dancing, Costumes, "Band", Set, Crowd-pleasing) and made sure to address each of those completely in the show. And we won. The group this year did the same thing, and, again, won.

I'm so proud of them.

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Ashley said...

Yay! So proud of them! Thanks for letting us know who won. :-) What song did Gerig do? Do you have any pictures? I'm trying to figure out who participated their freshman year who might have participated this year as well, but my mind is drawing a blank... So you have to tell me the answer! You can email me if you don't want to put it here.


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