This Week in History, and Now

Today, in 1944, Paris was liberated from the Nazi occupation during World War II. Just three days later, my grandmother "Nanny", an army dietitian part of the medical staff following the troops, was in Paris, to see the newly-freed city, not destroyed by the war. Earlier that summer, she followed the troops a few days after D-Day, landing on the beaches we read about in textbooks.
Three days ago, Nanny went into hospice in Columbus, Georgia. My parents are there now, helping care for and comfort her. Earlier last week, I was in Georgia to visit her. I stayed in her room, and found these on top of her dresser:

They say "Omaha June 6, 1944" and Utah June 6, 1944" referencing this and this.

I'll say more about the trip later, but wanted to give a quick update on what's going on and why I've been absent from the blogosphere. It's been a long couple weeks.

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