People watching

I'm sitting at the mt cup, a little coffeeshop in the village, sipping my white chocolate mocha and being delighted by the people who sit and share the space with me. The lady closest to me is dressed to work out, and is talking away on a cell phone. A Goth couple sits a little further. A table with two men and two women are further still, looking to be in an intense intellectual discussion. A guy just walked out of the coffeeshop with a very wet chocolate lab. I'm not sure the dog was supposed to be in there. He sat down near me. The most interesting customer to watch is the man sitting farthest from me, sipping his coffee and talking softly to his macaw, which he brought with him this morning.

The Village is getting busier. When I first got here this morning, there was barely another car around. They pass more frequently now.

I guess I was feeling poetic this morning. Maybe it's the coffee.

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Ashley said...

I love to people watch. I always make up exciting stories about them. I often wonder what they think of me, sitting there watching those around me...


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