Much Ado

I like the word "ado".

I just had an delightful weekend. Friday night was restful, then Josh & I left early Saturday morning to be in Lebanon by 9:00, where his mom promised to make us breakfast. We had breakfast and played with his nephews a bit before heading out to accomplish the real goal of the day: helping his brother & family move houses. I mostly stayed in the new house and helped unpack and clean.
Moving took all day, til dinnertime, when we went back and played with the kids some more and had dinner. It was a wonderful day. Somewhat exhausting, but wonderful. I loved it how, because his family is so close- both relationally and geographically- there was 10+ people helping with the move, allowing the bulk of it to get done in the space of a day. It was a great impromptu get-together. The less-impromptu get-together for his family is coming up in a couple weeks, when I will attend my 3rd annual family reunion. THAT event is much ado.

Sunday we were back for church in Muncie, then took it easy all day, plaing video games and card games with David & girlfriend until dinner, when we had our date night going to Chili's then to Shakespeare Under the Stars to see Much Ado About Nothing. It was a wonderful play, very funny and well done. And, best of all, it was free. Yay for public art.

This week Josh has promised to teach me to waltz. I was inspired by the play and need to do it before the LTC sets in.

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