Two chapel tidbits

"Love is unconditional commitment to an imperfect person." - Dr. Gary Oliver, in chapel Wednesday

This rang very true when I heard it Wednesday morning. I think this is the root of why I still have a hard time understanding why anyone loves me. I don't struggle with whether I am loved or not-- I know I am by my family, my fiance, and my friends. What blows me away is WHY I am loved. I know how deeply imperfect I am. It blows me away that anyone would have 'unconditional commitment' to me. But it's cool. And makes me realize how EVEN MORE amazing it is that God loves me more than any of them- and knows my deep imperfection more than even me. Wow.

"Chronological snobbery" -C.S. Lewis' term, used by Dr. Bruce Edwards today in chapel

In my reading of C.S. Lewis, I've come across his thoughts on this before. "Chronological snobbery" refers to the idea that the newest developments in thought, theology, art, science, etc. are modern and forward-thinking and therefore right and true. Old thoughts are outdated and irrelevant. This can go the other direction as well, saying that an old ideas are tried and true, and new stuff is heresy and rubbish.
Both these schools of thought are dangerous and closed-minded, I would say. The former disregards the wisdom of the ages and gives no stability to truth. The latter locks into ancient ideas without thinking through their truth value or giving new ideas a chance to be heard and considered. Both these examples of "chronological snobbery" hinders the pursuit of truth.

Love and truth. Can't get better than that.

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