At Last, Spring Break

My last class before Spring break is finished. I'm glad. Hopefully, Spring Break will be somewhat restful. Here's the line-up of events:

  • Thursday night: Got to Ritter's with a couple friends & catch up on their lives.

  • Friday afternoon: Lunch with another friend, to catch up & hang out.

  • Friday night: Probably go to a Good Friday service at Grace

  • Saturday: No specific plans for the day. Josh will hopefully come down and we'll get to spend some time together. Yay. I'll get to see my sister too, who will be home for the weekend.

  • Sunday: Easter! and resulting festivities.

  • Monday: Hang out with one of the aforementioned friends.

  • Tuesday: Wedding dress shopping. If you have any ideas, post links!

  • Wednesday: MORE wedding dress shopping

  • Thursday & Friday: Thankfully free, as of now. These days will probably be full of nice-clothes-for-work shopping

  • Saturday: Dog-sitting

  • Sunday: Church in Muncie, then a bridal shower for Alissa

And thus ends Spring Break. In the midst of this schedule, I have a project to get done, due 8am Monday, and other projects I ought to be working on. I hope, despite the schedule, I can have a restful time. That's all I want- not an exciting, loud fun Spring Break- I just need a BREAK, and quiet restful, do-nothing time. We'll see how that goes.
Something that I just realized: This week may be the fourth-to-last time I'm home for more than a long weekend before I'm married (The other three: Christmas break '05, Spring Break '06, and the two weeks between my graduation and wedding) That's weird to think about. I'll do my best to cherish this time.

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