Avoiding being a twixter

I have no business blogging this late, but I am, because I haven't blogged in a while, and, if I don't now, then when?
This Time article talks about a group they labelled 'twixters'- 18-28 year olds that aren't kids, yet aren't adults (or acting like adults) either. Apparently there's a growing number in this age group (my age group!) that live with their parents, party, go out with friends, switch jobs and apartments frequently, and basically refuse to 'settle down'. This trend can be seen in an increase in the average marriage age and average age of having a first child.
Honestly, I want to avoid being in this group at all costs. I have no desire to flounder after college, to delay starting full-fledged adulthood with all the responsibilities and choices. I'm OK with that, and even excited at the adventure it wil surely bring. It frustrates me even now when I see peers wasting their time and living immaturely, just flailing, doing nothing of worth. But I'm more responsible and dutiful than most, I suppose.
Here's a story about one example of a twixter and his blog.

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affert said...

I somewhat disagree with your conclusions about the article, but it ended up being too long a comment for here. I ended up putting it in my blog (affert.blogspot.com)
~David (O'Neill)


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