Ridiculous Renewal Rules

So, I went to try to renew my driver's license today. Should've been pretty simple- walk in, hand them my old one, get my picture taken, get a new one printed. Simple. But, alas, no.
In Indiana, when a 16 year old is issued a drivers license, it expires when they turn 21, and has bold indicators all over it to ensure that it is obvious that the bearer of the license is under 21. Well, I'm turning 21 in less than a week, and don't really want to have an expired license on my hands, so I went to renew my license before it expired. Go figure. I get there and they tell me, (This is the gist of the conversation, not exact quotes) "You're under 21. If you want to renew your license, you have to take the written test."
I say, "Oh. I didn't come prepared to take the test. But I can't wait till after I'm 21, my license will be expired."
"If you wait till after you're 21, you will be charged a $5 fee because your license is expired, but you won't have to take the test."
"So, I'll have to have someone bring me to get my license renewed if I don't want to take the test. I won't be able to drive here. My license will be expired."
"Well, we don't care if you drive here on an expired license. It only matters if you get stopped... You could come on your birthday."
"My birthday is on a Sunday. The BMV isn't open."
"Well, then, if you want to not take the test, come Tuesday after your birthday."
I just looked online and discovered no BMV in Indiana is open on Monday. So, it looks like I'm going to have to get someone to bring me to one of the BMVs near Upland once I'm back at school, since little Upland doesn't have its own.
Silly BMV rules.
On the upside, my birthday's on Sunday.

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Ashley said...

Sheesh, that is frustrating!!! I would take you, but I will be far away. :-( I need to get my license updated so that it reflects the fact that I've lived in florida the past three years. :-) (Right now, it still says "Georgia")


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