New blog happenings

I've actually had free time this weekend... crazy, when I have no classes, I have time, funny how that works...
Anyway, I've made some template changes (obviously) to this blog. What do you think? I wanted some color, so I made the new banner up top, but I'm not crazy about the quality of the image. That's what I get when I use Paintbrush, I suppose. So, this is all a work in progress, but, I'm having fun with it. Is this better/worse/just different from the black and white picture & background? I have a feeling even more will change when I have EVEN MORE time over break. Beware.


Matt Wissman said...

It looks almost the same, except having a color photo instead of black and white. Yes, Photoshop would make the photo look better ;)

Caroline elise said...

i still think it should be pink :)


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