Ashley commented on my blog asking what I'm reading, and the answer is Yes.
by Ann Kiemel.
Ann Kiemel (now Ann Kiemel Anderson) wrote a book I'm Out to Change My World which really impacted me in high school. In one of its chapters, she spoke of a time in college when she came to the point where she asked herslf "Will I follow Jesus to the end? Even if none of my dreams come true? Even if nothing special ever happens? Will I make that kind of decision to follow?" Those questions really challenged me as well: What if all my goals and dreams weren't what God had for me? Would I still decide to follow him? What if even the most basic things I hoped for my future didn't happen & all I had ahead of me was trial? Jesus promised us trials and persecution, so I knew that was a possibility, and I had to make the same choice Ann did: Would I follow Jesus anyway?
About 3 months later, December of my junior year, I handed my dreams to God and said to Him "Whatever you have for me, here I am." Those were a hard 3 months of wrestling. But I appreciated the book and the 'bright hope' exuded from it. The book Yes, that I just finished after finding it in the Aguilars' collection, had the same encouraging tone. It was all about saying Yes to God in all areas of our life. Another book of hers that I own is I Love the Word Impossible.
On another note, I intially connected wih Ann in I'm Out to Change My World when she talked about growing up in Hawaii, feeling like "one white face in a sea of dark faces," and the struggles she faced there. I related.
Today I went to a bookstore and got a new book to read, about being God's princess. That's a topic I've been pretty passionate about since the beginning of high school, so it'll be cool to see the ideas expanded into a book. I also found a book for a friend.


Ashley said...

Thanks for answering my question. :-) I understand the "white face in a sea of dark faces" feeling! Tell me what you think of the book about being God's princess... I've never really thought of that before..

Joanna said...

Beware, Ashley, or you'll get me on my We're-children-of-God,-daughters-of-the-King-of-Kings:-Princesses! soapbox.


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