Thoughts at 33 weeks

Because everyone else is doing it...

My nephew gave me a big hug this weekend, and can barely get his fingers to touch all the way around me. I walk by mirrors and think to myself, "Am I really that huge? Because I don't feel that huge." Realistically, I know I'm not that huge, but I feel even smaller- I still have a pretty good energy level and feel like I can do pretty much anything (Except bending. And twisting.)

Josh and I are starting to get a little antsy. Not because I'm tired of being pregnant, but because (we think) we're ready to have a baby in the house. We want to meet this kid- to hold him, to rock him, to watch him sleep, to coo his name, to be Mommy and Daddy- even to change his diapers and be woken up in the middle of the night. We've got the car seat in the car, the batteries in the swing (thankfully, our only baby-related thing so far requiring a battery!), the baby monitor plugged in, and the clothes organized and washed. We've got a packet from the birth center, including a packing list and an official form for the birth certificate (along with a bunch of consent forms I need to research and sign). Baby's gone from feeling real to feeling real in a more urgent sense!

This weekend, we became even more ready when our family and friends threw us two baby showers, and blessed our socks off- as well as got us some socks for Baby, among other things. Both parties, coincidentally, had a Book theme, so our little guy has an awesome start on his board book library now! Next week is baby shower #3 with some of my mom's friends.

So. Blessed.


Kacie said...

Haha yay for peer-pressued belly pics! You are such a cute pregnant lady.

Glad to hear you are getting ready to meet your son!

Jes said...

ha ha, I was thinking the same thing as Kacie! So glad you posted a pic, you're adorable and not huge don't worry!

Larissa said...

You so freakin' adorable!

Daniel and Teresa said...

You look great! It's nice to be online again and see how you're doing! :)


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