Friday Fun: Speeches in Wordle

If you haven't discovered Wordle, you're missing out. It's a little web toy that takes a bunch of text, and arranges it in a fun-yet-somewhat-informative way, making words used more frequently than others larger. The arrangement and colors vary, but I think it's fascinating how the main ideas just jump out when arranged this way.

For example, my blog as it currently is:

Apparently, recently, I've been talking about a household item? Can you spot it? Is it our TV furniture or appliances? Nope, it's my KITCHEN TRASH CAN. Right. Anyways. I thought it would be fun to throw the recent acceptance speeches into the mix, and see what comes up.




(Click images to make bigger)
So, you see Republicans talking about Country and Democrats talking about Change. What's new? Each speech has it's own "flavor". Biden uses first names (Barack and John) more than last names. An unexpected big word in Palin's speech: "Man". A big word in McCain's speech: "Fight". Big word in Obama's speech: "Promise".

More Friday fun: What Wordles have you made? Post them on your blog & in the comments or email me, and I'll post links!


Anonymous Cogitations said...

That's really cool! I hadn't heard of wordle and now I'm going to have to test it out. :)

Kristen said...

ah, I found wordle over the summer and really haven't played around with it much, but it is cool. I'll be sharing one of mine shortly :) (provided the internet and power remain after Ike)


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